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Our private practice of Adolescent-Young Adult Medicine provides primary medical care for pre-teens, adolescents and young adults who are in good health, and specialized medical care for those with serious or complex health problems. We strive to respond thoughtfully to each patient’s physical, developmental and psychosocial health needs within a friendly, comfortable and supportive office environment.

Adolescent-Young Adult Medicine is a board-certified medical specialty. As specialists in this field we merge our broad-based medical expertise with a knowledge and enjoyment of the dramatic physical, cognitive, emotional and social maturational changes, and especially the challenges, inherent to adolescence and young adulthood.

Pre-teens and adolescents in middle and high school are growing more rapidly than at any other time in life, while also facing new social and academic expectations.  They are eager and ready to become more independent, yet may require assistance managing such heightened developmental demands. 

Young adults in college, graduate school and the work force comprise over half of our patients! This exciting and complicated transitional stage of life presents many unique stressors, affecting our patients’ health and the kind of health care they need.

We partner with our patients, their families and, when necessary, with other health (medical sub-specialists, psychotherapists, nutritionists) and school-based professionals to achieve the highest quality comprehensive and collaborative health care and most respectful and effective communication.

*AYAM is pronounced “I am…”   ~   You may fill in the blank!

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