Nutritional Guidance & Education

Wondering if you’re a healthy eater? Curious about your nutritional status?

Many adolescents and young adults have questions and concerns about their nutrition. We at AYAM are experienced at performing nutritional evaluations and counseling for all of our patients, including those who have specific nutritional-based needs or challenges.

As medical providers, we speak in depth with our patients about their dietary routines and further evaluate their nutritional balance through physical exam to ensure they are provided with adequate fuel for their activity level. We may also perform laboratory testing for important vitamins and nutrients including iron, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and folate, among others, in order to evaluate for, treat and prevent nutritional deficiencies. We work with our patients to improve their nutrition by emphasizing the appropriate proportions of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in their diets for maximal health. We often work collaboratively with registered dieticians, as well.

At AYAM, we recognize that there are no universal nutritional recommendations that work for everyone. We try to meet our patients where they are and work together to determine a personalized nutritional program that works for each individual to promote his/her/their most healthy self.

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