Worried that extremely picky eating could be affecting growth or health?

Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) may be described by some as “extremely picky eating” but is truly a medical condition in that it progresses to a point of nutritional compromise. Patients with ARFID have limited dietary intake, leading to significant weight loss, which may stunt growth and development. However, ARFID is differentiated from other eating disorders as body image concerns are not a primary focus.  The potential overlap in eating behaviors between ARFID and Anorexia may complicate making a diagnosis and may require a nuanced approach.

As Adolescent Medicine Specialists with expertise in the field of Eating Disorders, we are able to evaluate the nutritional status, growth, development and potential medical complications in our patients with ARFID.  We also often partner with other professionals to create a team approach to the management of ARFID.  We provide a comprehensive and individualized approach to working with our patients and their families to ensure they are getting enough fuel to grow and stay healthy!

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