Problems with overeating and vomiting? Food concerns?

Bulimia nervosa (bulimia) is a type of eating disorder that involves both “binging,” or eating large amounts of food quickly with a feeling of loss of control, and subsequently, getting rid of that excess food through “purging.” Purging can take a number of different forms, most often involving self-induced vomiting, but can also involve excessive exercise, use of diuretics, or use of laxatives. These behaviors may not only be emotionally distressing but may lead to serious medical risks.

At AYAM, we are sensitive to how difficult it may be for teens and young adults to discuss these behaviors with others due to feelings of embarrassment or shame. We also recognize that people who suffer with bulimia may have difficulty stopping these behaviors even if they want to.

Our expertise in treating patients with bulimia allows for non-judgemental and individualized care. We often work together with other expert providers and supportive family members and friends to assist our patients in taking steps toward recovery. During this process, we will also monitor for and treat any potential medical complications that may be a consequence of binging and purging behaviors. If you or a loved one are dealing with issues related to bulimia, consider scheduling a consultation with the doctors at AYAM!

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