Check-Ups, Health Maintenance and Preventive Health Screening

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The teens and twenties are a crucially important time to develop routines that prevent poor health outcomes and lead to healthy and happy lives. It’s often difficult to remember that things we do when we are pre-teens, teens and young adults can truly matter for future life and health! At AYAM, we believe it is critically important for patients to develop an ongoing connection with a physician through their yearly physicals (as well as at follow up visits) in order to help them to establish healthy habits that will benefit them in the long-run!

Yearly Check Ups

We recommend a comprehensive annual check-up once a year for all of our patients, including those we see regularly at more focused visits. At the annual examination visit, we discuss a broad range of health issues and do a physical examination. But it’s not just about filling out a health form and updating immunizations and laboratory tests! We take the time to speak in depth with our patients about their lives, their health and their struggles. We also endeavor to support and encourage them to make thoughtful choices around self-care including the three health “basics” of sleep, exercise and nutrition, around sexual behaviors, drug and alcohol use, and relationships with peers and families.

A Supportive Environment

We always try to provide a supportive nurturing medical environment where our patients can feel safe in the knowledge that their concerns will be heard while their privacy will be protected and their relationships to family, friends, teachers and colleagues will be respected!

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