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Welcome to Adolescent-Young Adult Medicine – aka AYAM!

Why are we different? Here are just some of the ways…

AYAM specializes in comprehensive medical care for teenagers and young adults in New York City and beyond. Our population served is unique in that we are one of the few places in NYC where patients receive personalized health care from age 9 up to age 30! AYAM is a private practice geared towards teens and young adults so that they feel well cared for and comfortable.

Our doctors are all board-certified in the medical specialty of Adolescent Medicine. We love working with this population so we pursued advanced medical training to further focus on this age group!

We provide highly personalized care by spending the time it takes to speak with our patients in depth in order to understand the varied needs and preferences of each individual.

We focus on collaborative care with other providers, both professional and family-based, who are important in our patients’ lives! We foster our patients’ autonomy but strive to be inclusive of their families and other support networks.

We value good communication with our patients and others involved in their health to create the partnerships needed for high quality care!

Come partner with us at AYAM. We think you’ll be glad you did!

Adolescent Young-Adult Medicine is a private medical practice offering primary care and specialized care in New York City for 9-30 year olds.

Adolescent-Young Adult Medicine

1050 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2
New York, NY 10028
P: 212-987-1414
F: 212-987-1518
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