Eating Disorders

Struggling with eating enough? Overdoing exercise?

Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and other difficulties with thoughts and behaviors related to body image and food are relatively common concerns among adolescents and young adults. Each young person with such a problem is unique, yet all patients benefit from healthcare related to physical, nutritional, emotional and social factors linked to their eating difficulties.

In our practice, we work very pro-actively with our patients who struggle with eating disorders. Most of our patients are treated solely by an “out-patient team” comprised of their medical doctor (one of us) and a psychotherapist (psychiatrist, psychologist or licensed social worker). Some patients also work with a registered dietitian (nutritionist) as part of the team.

Our role is to evaluate and treat any medical complications associated with the eating disorder and to engage our patient in “nutritional rehabilitation” to help him or her achieve and maintain a healthy weight, optimal metabolism and overall health and wellbeing. We serve as the “coordinator of care,” and when necessary, arrange for a patient to receive more intensive care in a day program or residential/in-patient setting.

For information, please download our clinical handout: The Treatment of Eating Disorders: Information Guide for Our Patients and Families (PDF)

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