Planning Your Visit

In seeking to provide the highest quality, comprehensive healthcare in a sensitive and respectful manner, we follow a specific approach and office routine. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions and do not hesitate to ask any additional questions pertaining to office procedures or other concerns you may have. Ultimately, a trusting relationship with our patients and their families forms the basis for successful healthcare.

Quality Time!

A new patient visit ranges approximately from 60 to 120 minutes and includes an extensive medical history and comprehensive physical exam. Previous records, growth charts, immunizations are important and helpful. A parent is requested to accompany a patient who is under 18 and is of course, always welcome. Follow-up visits vary in duration depending upon the time needed and are frequently 30-45 minutes. At AYAM we are available to see patients for same-day sick visits by calling 212-987-1414.


Telephone calls from patients or parents are welcomed during routine office hours. Every effort is made to respond to calls with the same or the next day. Routine messages may be left on our voicemail when the office is closed. Patient’s older than 18 are required to consent to communication with family members.

After-hours emergencies: A physician is on-call every evening and every weekend who can help address any issue that arises whether over the phone, emergency office visit or in exceptional situations recommend hospitalization. All calls should be made to 212-987-1414.


Pharmacy requests may be requested by phone or email during routine office hours or left on our voicemail. Please first check with your pharmacy to see if you have any refills available. Please call for additional refills approximately 5 days before your current supply runs out.

Important Policies


Fees are based upon the complexity and length of the visit, completion of any in-house lab testing, and immunizations administered. As out-of-network providers we do not participate in healthcare plans. Payment at the time of the visit is requested and appreciated. Upon payment, a fully-coded superbill receipt is provided to attach to your insurance form to facilitate direct reimbursement to you. When case management consultations with other professionals, such as a therapist, nutritionist, school guidance counselor, are needed, there will be additional charges commensurate with the time spent. We accept payment by cash or check.

Appointment cancellations must be made a full business day prior otherwise a late cancellation fee will be incurred.


Teens are afforded a degree of doctor-patient confidentiality as it relates to sexuality, contraception, and some substance use and mental health issues in accordance with New York State Health Care legislation. While teens can make some independent health care decisions, parental  input and involvement is always encouraged, and mandated when the teen’s safety is at undue risk. Patient’s older than 18 are required to consent to communication with family members.

Adolescent Young-Adult Medicine is a private medical practice offering primary care and specialized care in New York City for 9-30 year olds.

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