Collaborative Care

Teaming up for your health!

Collaborative care is a partnering among health care providers and other professionals that prevents fragmentation of care and thereby enhances the quality of care of our patients. Adolescents and young adults often require care and attention from a “multi-disciplinary team” of professionals that includes physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, family therapists, social workers, nutritionists, school nurses, teachers, tutors, coaches and others.

In our practice, we provide primary care for patients with chronic illnesses or disabilities and partner with their medical sub-specialists. For all patients with complex problems we work very closely with other physicians, as well as other health and educational professionals, to foster the most effective “team approach” to care. In our role as “team leader,” we strive to ensure that all professionals are communicative and collaborative with each other, and convey consistent and understandable information to patients and families.

Adolescent Young-Adult Medicine is a private medical practice offering primary care and specialized care in New York City for 9-30 year olds.

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