Undiagnosed Conditions

Frustrated about feeling like a medical mystery?

To many, adolescence and young adulthood are thought of as time periods of physical health and vitality. Yet, many young people do suffer from physical symptoms that negatively impact their day-to-day lives. On a regular basis, we at AYAM see patients with concerns of excessive fatigue, headaches, dizziness, or pain in the abdomen, chest or back. Besides causing physical discomfort, such symptoms may interfere with a young person’s sense of wellbeing, may lead to feelings of anxiety and sadness, and sometimes cause missed attendance at school, work or social activities – all of which are important to address.

Some patients may see a number of physicians and other healthcare providers without receiving a satisfying explanation for their symptoms or a helpful plan of management. We at AYAM use a combination of a detailed history, a complete physical examination, and appropriate medical studies to fully evaluate a patient’s symptoms. We spend the time and energy necessary to get to the bottom of our patients’ medical concerns. We also evaluate any particular stressors that may exist at school or work, with peers, in the family, or elsewhere, which might contribute to how our patients feel. We then take an active role in the treatment of our patients’ symptoms, including, when indicated, involving expert consultants such as other medical specialists, nutritionists or psychotherapists. Contact us at AYAM if you have concerns about your health so that we can start to help you feel well.

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