Let’s talk about Coronavirus aka COVID-19….

We recognize that COVID19 is of ongoing concern and is continuing to circulate in our community. Our ongoing recommendations in order to continue to best protect yourself are highlighted below.

We recommend COVID19 vaccination and boosters for everyone who is eligible. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions about vaccines and recommendations.

Social Distancing and Masks Continue to be Recommended for use in crowded indoor public places and are required in our office.

Hand-Washing and Hand-Sanitizing are Still Crucial

Although Coronavirus is primarily spread through respiratory droplets, it can also be spread via contact with contaminated surfaces, so it is important to be mindful of surfaces, such as subway handles, public doorknobs, gym equipment, other peoples’ hands, among others. In addition, as with the prevention of many viral illness, avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes after touching surfaces until you have thoroughly cleaned your hands (washed for 20 seconds!) or have used hand sanitizer.

Social distancing is key to stopping the spread of coronavirus! Try your best to remain 6 feet apart from others in public places. We encourage the usage of KN95 or N95 masks if you are concerned about the risk of transmission.


There are specific medications and antibody treatments that are currently approved for patients with underlying conditions that might predispose them to a more complicated course of COVID19. Please call within 5 days of the onset of your symptoms to discuss the use of these if you fall into this category and have a documented positive test. Please also note that for this population there is also an option for a preventive shot to avoid contracting the illness. It must not be used if you already have COVID19.

If you do not fall into these categories and you have COVID19 here are some other medications that may be helpful. Speak to your doctor about the following options:

  • Steroid and/or saline nasal sprays to help with nasal/sinus congestion.
  • Mucinex or other decongestants that be taken orally for congestion.
  • Pepcid and/or zinc to boost your immune system.

Enhance Your Wellness!

As is the recommendation for illness prevention in general, we recommend that you take measures to keep yourself well! These include: get adequate sleep; eat in a well-balanced way; and hydrate. If you are noticing symptoms of a viral infection such as fever or cough, please call our office to schedule a virtual telemedicine visit with one of our physicians to discuss your symptoms and devise a plan of action.

Please feel free to call is at 212-987-1414 to discuss further information or specific concerns related to COVID-19 with us. Remember, at AYAM, we’re here for you!

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