Let’s talk about Coronavirus aka COVID-19….

We recognize that this emerging virus has become a concern for many, and we want to highlight a few recommendations about how to best protect yourself!

Hand-Washing and Hand-Sanitizing are Crucial

Coronavirus is spread via contact with contaminated surfaces, so it is important to be mindful of potentially contaminated surfaces, such as subway handles, public doorknobs, gym equipment, other peoples’ hands, among others. In addition, as with the prevention of many viral illness, avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes until you have thoroughly cleaned your hands (washed for 20 seconds!) or have used hand sanitizer.

Social Distancing and Masks are Recommended

Social distancing is key to stopping the spread of coronavirus! Try your best to remain 6 feet apart from others in public places. The CDC has also provided an updated advisory to recommend the use of masks in public places, especially those in which social distancing is difficult, such as in grocery stores and pharmacies. Cloth face coverings over the nose and mouth are an acceptable alternative to medical masks. If you are scheduled to come into our office for any reason, please wear a mask or we will provide you with one.

Stay Home!

Stay home from school/work, social gatherings and public places. Do your part to help prevent the spread of coronavirus!

Zinc Lozenges Might Help

Zinc lozenges are known to be effective in decreasing the replication of most viruses in the mouth and throat. Use with the onset of respiratory symptoms.

Enhance Your Wellness!

As is the recommendation for illness prevention in general, we recommend that you take measures to keep yourself well! These include: get adequate sleep; eat in a well-balanced way; and hydrate. If you are noticing symptoms of a viral infection such as fever or cough, please call our office to schedule a virtual telemedicine visit with one of our physicians to discuss your symptoms and devise a plan of action.
We understand that this is a very difficult situation for all of our patients. If you are having emotional distress in the setting of this trying time, please call us to discuss further.

Please feel free to call is at 212-987-1414 to discuss further information or specific concerns related to COVID-19 with us. Remember, at AYAM, we’re here for you!

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