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The words of our patients and their parents capture best the spirit of what we strive to do every day.

“I just want you to know that I think you have created an absolutely extraordinary medical practice. Everyone should be lucky enough to have doctors like the ones in your office to care for them.”
In an email from a mother after her daughter, a freshman away at college, had trouble breathing and needed attention over a weekend

“Thank you so much for the exceptionally wonderful care you have given me all these years. And in particular, with my kidney infection this fall, thank you for your flexibility, attentiveness and kindness. Your patients are so lucky and fortunate to have you as their doctor. You always put me at ease and made me feel I could call you or go to you no matter what kind of problem I was having- thankfully my sister and I have enjoyed good health and it was never necessary.”
In a note from a young adult patient who has moved out of New York

“I am writing to thank you for the time spent helping me overcome my struggle with bulimia. I have not thrown up since before the last time I saw you, which was about two years ago, and I have only even considered it once, briefly, at a time of great stress. I still remember and think of some of the things you said to me during our meetings, and I find them very helpful and comforting when I am starting to get antsy about food. In any case, I know that you haven’t heard from me in awhile, and I wanted to let you know I am appreciative.”
In a note from a patient, now away at graduate school

“It’s very nice to have a doctor that I am comfortable being entirely honest with.”
In an email from a young adult asking for advice after a sexual “misadventure.”

“I’m so grateful to you in ways you will never really know because I cannot express them! But I hold you fully responsible for helping me become the person I am (and might even be proud to be!!)
In an email from a patient now in her mid-30’s

“We cannot thank you enough for your remarkable dedication and kindness! You have been a never-ending source of comfort to my husband and me throughout this most difficult process.”
In a note from the mother of a teen with an eating disorder

“You were really terrific with M. Thank you. For lack of a less trite word, you empowered her sense of herself.”
In a note from a mother after a new patient visit with a teen

“I had a lecture yesterday from one of the Adolescent Medicine docs, who asked that I send you a hello. It’s always fun to meet another member of your fan club. During our lecture yesterday, I spent a lot of time trying to conjure my office visits with you from when I was 13…with only some success! However, I certainly remembered being interviewed with and without my mom present and also responding to questions in monosyllables (just like they teach us in medical school that teens will do). As I learn more about best practices with teens, I feel more and more lucky about the high quality of care---and kindness---I received from you and your staff always.”
In a note from a patient, now away at medical school

“Thanks so much for talking to me on the phone last week about my husband getting stuck with a needle in the hospital. I wanted to tell you, when I was thinking, ‘Who can I ask about this?’ you were the only person whom I felt I could really and truly trust. As I’m sure most of the other doctors I’ve seen in the past decade have been adequately competent, I realize this reflects some unreasonable skepticism on my part, but I think it also speaks to how unique a doctor you are. Because I didn’t stay in the New York area long, you didn’t have much time to get to know me, but somehow you always seemed to know exactly what I needed. You approached me with the perfect mix of understanding and firmness, and while I knew you didn’t always approve of what I did or agree with what I thought, I also knew you would always listen and try to help me find my way through things. As terrified as I was of the scale (I remember crying to you on the phone, “No, don’t weigh me!’), I always so looked forward to coming to your office and talking with you and hearing what you had to say. As nuts and stubborn as I may have been, I always trusted you to tell me the truth. I think it must take incredible wisdom and patience to be the kind of doctor you are. You helped me immensely. Thank you."
In an email from a patient, now away at medical school

“I just turned 30 and so have officially outgrown your practice! I just wanted to thank you for being such a great doctor for so many years.”
In a note accompanying a bouquet of flowers delivered to the office

“Thanks for being so sweet when I was sick…and thanks for taking such good care of me.”
In a note from a young adult accompanying a box of sweets sent to the office

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