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Gynecologic and Sexuality-Related Care of Female Adolescents and Young Adults

The doctors at Adolescent-Young Adult Medicine (AYAM) are specialists in providing developmentally-sensitive gynecologic and sexuality-related health care for adolescents girls and young adult women. 

Our youngest patients (pre-teens and early adolescents):
Menarche (the first period):
Early menstrual cycles (the first few years):
Later menstrual cycles:
 “Physiologic” vaginal discharge:
Even a young adolescent can develop a lump in her breast:
We are especially skilled in performing a girl’s first gynecologic (pelvic) examination:
Age-appropriate discussions regarding sexuality are initiated with all of our patients: 
 Gynecologic care also includes:

At our office, the gynecologic and sexuality-related care of our pre-teen, adolescent and young adult patients is a routine part of their health care. Our hope is that by beginning to talk about these issues at a young age, our patients will, over time, become increasingly more at ease addressing their concerns, questions and needs with us.

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