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Medical-Nutritional Evaluation and Care of Adolescents and Young Adults with Eating Disorders

The doctors at Adolescent-Young Adult Medicine (AYAM) are experts in the accurate diagnosis and medical-nutritional care of adolescents and young adults with eating disorders.  

The current classification of eating disorders includes:

Eating disorders pose complex challenges for our patients and their families. Each patient’s symptoms, thoughts and behaviors are unique. With our patients and their families we foster teamwork, open communication, patience and compassion over the weeks and months of treatment.

The goals of the medical-nutritional treatment we provide each patient are to:
The Team generally includes at least one psychotherapist with expertise in the treatment of eating disorders. Various types of psychotherapy may be utilized including:
The Team may also include:
When a higher level of care is necessary, the doctors at AYAM may collaborate with a:

At AYAM we pro-actively care for each of our patients with an eating disorder (while also caring for their general medical and, for females, their gynecological health), and work with their Team to be certain that each patient receives the full benefit of the range of resources they need for their recovery.

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