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Information for our Patients and their Families

In seeking to provide the highest quality, comprehensive healthcare in a sensitive and respectful manner, we follow a specific approach and office routine. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions pertaining to office procedures or other concerns you may have. Ultimately, a trusting relationship with our patients and their families forms the basis for successful healthcare.

Office hours are by appointment. The first visit is usually one hour, or one and a half hours for complex problems. A parent is requested to accompany an adolescent to the first visit if the patient is under age 18 or still in high school. Parents of older patients are always welcome. Follow-up visits vary in duration: 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes, determined by the length of time needed to address your concern. Same day visits are scheduled for acute illnesses. Please read our frequently asked questions for additional information about the first visit.

The fee is based on the length of the visit. Laboratory tests and immunizations are billed separately. If “case management” telephone consultations with other professionals, such as a psychotherapist, nutritionist or school guidance counselor, are needed, there will be additional charges commensurate with the time spent.

Payment at the time of visits is requested and appreciated. We do not accept insurance or participate in any healthcare plans. Upon payment, you will receive a fully-coded superbill receipt to attach to your insurance company’s form for direct reimbursement to you. Parents are encouraged to provide their child with a means of payment (check or cash) when they do not accompany them to the office.

Telephone calls from patients or parents are welcome during routine office hours. Every effort is made to respond to calls as soon as possible (within the same or the next day). If an urgent need arises, we can be reached at night or on weekends. Routine messages may be left on our voicemail when the office is closed. All calls should be made to 212-987-1414.

Pharmacy requests may be called in during routine office hours or left on our voicemail. Please FIRST check with your pharmacy to see if you have any refills available. Please call for additional refills, when needed, at least five days before your current supply runs out.

Immunizations and/or laboratory tests may be recommended at the initial or a subsequent visit. It is very helpful if all previous immunization records and, if possible, copies of recent laboratory tests, growth charts and letters from consultants are brought to the initial visit.

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